Vision & Values


“To elevate consciousness, unite humanity and raise the vibration of the world by lovingly empowering others to find joy and meaning in their lives.”
The Connection Lounge®’s vision is to elevate consciousness and unite humanity by connecting people who are committed to being the best version of themself and creating a better world for all. We offer a chance for each individual to co-create a global network of like-minded people and businesses that will raise the vibration of the tribe and impact the whole world. Together we lovingly empower deep transformation that leads to finding joy and authentic meaning in each person’s life.


Our values incorporate the true meaning and expression of LOVE, belonging, integrity, mindfulness, joy and empowerment.

We celebrate each individual’s uniqueness and support them in fully expressing themselves unapologetically. We provide a sacred, safe, intentional and empowering social platform to inspire people to shine their brightest light and share their gifts with a conscious community.

Beta Signup

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