The Team

Jill Niemann

Founder / CEO

JourneyJill, or JJ was a successful corporate professional who broke out of her cubicle in 2016. JJ received her bachelor degree in Finance, with a certificate in International Business and an emphasis in Spanish from Arizona State University.

You will be surprised to know, she was an ex-banking VP, a Certified Internal Auditor, and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering and Corruption Specialist who held management roles in Risk and Compliance.

JJ has visited 71 countries, performing business ventures in 24 of those countries and is now living on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.

Robert Seitzberg III

Technology Lead

Robert Seitzberg is an entrepreneur and freelancer who specializes in digital marketing and web design. He helps design growth machines for entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to increase the number of clients they service or products they sell.

While he was traveling in 2006 he discovered and after meeting some of the founders he was asked to do a co-branded internet reality TV show for Couchsurfing which he co-wrote, filmed and edited. In 2011 he helped start and run another startup named Wonder.

He currently operates the marketing Agency, Float Marketing and he is looking to fundraise for his other project AOE in the near future.

His most recent role was as head of marketing at the startup Upstock.

Vichelle Mixon

Chief Customer Champion

Vichelle Mixon is our in-house creative unicorn and resident Life Coach. With her 15 year background as an Apparel Pattern Maker / Independent Designer and owner of Ichi-V Handbags, a handmade line of vegan friendly handbags she is familiar with the ins and outs of selling an ethically thoughtful product to an online audience.

Her passion for all things creative and sharing resources and knowledge about how to turn people’s dreams into their own small creative businesses led her to pursue her Life Coaching credential through Jrni Coaching Intensive. Currently she is working toward her International Coaching Federation Certification to even better serve the community as a Self Love and Empowerment Coach. It is her desire to marry both her creative business background and coaching to support people in living their best lives as they build and grow their creative businesses.

As a coach, a creative, and a graduate of Ascension Leadership Academy Vichelle has a well rounded ability to meet our marketplace tribe members with a thoughtful personal touch that will help to elevate the experience of both buyers and sellers. It is her intention to co-create a marketplace community that empowers conscious businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is her desire, as Chief Customer Champion, to nurture a community that supports one another and builds a better world together by sharing our knowledge, creating great products and experiences, and giving people the opportunity to support businesses that share their vision for a better world.

Angi Slonova


As a branding- and inbound social media marketing specialist for conscious, ethical and sustainable brands, Angelika Schlothauer (short Angi) built her own personal following to over 100K friends on Instagram. She has a profound professional education in international marketing management including three academic business degrees with a master in international marketing management.

In the last couple years she successfully worked with over 80 brands in the social media marketing sphere. She even established herself as an exclusive influencer partner of marketing legend Gary Vee. What toots her horn but are topics such as spirituality, consciousness, sustainability, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, the environment, healthy nutrition, neuroscience and quantum physics and so much more – being a certified yoga teacher, usui and quantum reiki master, as well as meditation and breathwork facilitator makes her the ideal marketer for this conscious and sustainable company.

Her interest in psychology, neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience influenced her to a degree that she implemented a couple empirical studies about brand personalities, consumer-brand congruence- and relationship, as well as the subconscious communication of design attributes such as colors. She used all her knowledge, skills and proficiency to form the unique approach to her work – with the combination of her personal values, morals and ethics.

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