The Story

How it all started

Along the journey from Corporate Banker to launching a Conscious Social Platform, she has explored all aspects of self from spirituality, to partnership, to where she wanted to live, and what she wanted to do. The spiritual journey was extensive and included a lot of soul searching that was supported by multiple retreats, festivals, and experiences including receiving her 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification, becoming certified to perform Lomilomi Halao – an ancient Hawaiian Rite of Passage Bodywork and a 10 day Vipassana Silent Meditation.

JJ started her personal development junkie journey way back in 1999 when she completed the Landmark Forum. Before leaving her 13 year corporate career, she did a Living Passionate seminar and made a commitment to do work that she was passionate about. A month later she found herself quitting her job to manage a band’s European tour and then found herself living in Spain. Since then she has been on a journey seeking meaning and purpose all over the world through consulting in the fields of Travel, Technology, Humanitarian, Event Production, and Transformation. She has completed advanced leadership, emotional intelligence and transformation training with Ascension Leadership Academy, PSI Seminars, Heartcore Leadership, Next Level Trainings, Tony Robbins, and Grace. She consulted, helped launch Boston Breakthrough Academy and Institute of Global Leadership. JJ was also coached in The Dharma Circle, Guide to Grace, The CrossRoads to Awakening, Mystical Alchemy, and Renaturing.

She is also proud to be connected to incredible leaders from Mastery in Transformation Training, Elevate, Live4You, ALTRU, and Espacio Vital. She is a Humble, Passionate, Connected Leader who stands for One Transformation and invites graduates of Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence trainings to connect on the platform. She believes that uniting leaders is the first step in uniting humanity.

JJ’s first key entrepreneur training was PACE (Profit Accelerator Club for Entrepreneurs) with Heartcore Business where she was mentored to create and host The Conscious Travel Summit. She went on to coach for Heartcore Leadership and was selected to attend their PHD program (Mastering Leadership Program / Facilitator in Training). As her thesis for the program, JJ designed The Connection Lounge® as an in-person workshop. In 2020, with COVID-19 changing the ability to have in-person events, The Connection Lounge® shifted to bi-monthly virtual events. As the events grew, the desire for deeper connection was evident.

Also in 2020, JJ was called to Maui to do a work trade at a retreat center. She had confirmed her position in January to arrive in March just days before the island locked down. The sold out retreats for that year were instantly cancelled and JJ found her self living in solitude for 3 months, landlocked in the jungle without a car, having her own retreat. Her job was gardening so she got spend each day with her hands in the earth learning more about food forests, farming, and food security. She also had a lot of time for introspection and as she deepened her connection to nature, her calling became crystal clear.

After having the opportunity to be immersed in numerous communities and facilitating the creation of The Connection Lounge®, she discovered the global tribe could benefit from having a container to hold the depth of connection.