The Connection Lounge®

Find Self. Build Tribe. Experience Belonging.

A global network committed to elevating consciousness and uniting humanity.

The first online village that is a change-maker for a better world – a world that is conscious and intentionally co-creating true authentic love, money, shelter and deep mindful connections.

Connect the areas of life that matter the most to you. Whether your top priority is falling in love, promoting an event, changing your career path, finding a roommate or collaborating with like-minded people…

Unlock the perfect connections to Love, Money, Housing and Community!

Your Rite of Passage into The Connection Lounge® involves an evaluation process to support you in building the bridge to a trusted tribe so we all thrive!

Who is in this tribe?

Those who are committed to achieving deep personal growth and contributing to creating a better world.

What makes it trusted?

It is a closed platform of soulful individuals that urge for more connectedness to themselves and a safe space to collaborate with other like-minded people.

There are two paths into the tribe:

1) Connector or 2) Creator.

As a Connector you can find what you are looking for via the Member Directory, Marketplace, Groups and Forums.

As a Creator you have the ability to share your purpose with the tribe and make money off the platform by posting offerings to the Marketplace, Events Calendar, or by creating Groups and Forums.

The Connection Lounge® is the online village you have been waiting for.