The Connection Lounge® is a platform to connect and grow communities


Collaborate, BE PART OF, Discuss, Share, Mingle
Start a conversation, join a network, organize / host / attend events. Expand your boundaries and fill the gap. Experience togetherness.


Jobs, Events, Courses, Products, Services
Find a job, sell a product, offer a service or post a classified to meet your future accountant, business partner or whomever is missing in your abundance declaration. Expand your opportunities!


Sell, Buy, Rent, Share, Host
Find an apartment or new home, connect with roommates or travelers to rent a spare room/space. Are you experienced in Sofa-Surfing?


Retreats, Healing Events/Classes, Seminars, Masterminds, and Support
Grow, heal, and enlighten yourself and others as one. Health is wealth!


Dating, Couples, Lifestyle, Sexuality, Matchmaking
Find others to create meaningful romantic relationships with.

Coming Soon: Earn Passive Income While You Connect

Own your data

We don't sell your data

Most sites track what you search, what you watch, what you like, what you buy, where you go, and what you do and then sell that information to advertisers. We give that control back to you. (Coming Soon)

Earn Money

Get paid to view offers from advertisers

We are taking money that used to go into Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket and putting it in yours instead. (Coming Soon)

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